Organic Pizza – Healthy & Tasty!

Organic Pizza- Delicious Food That’s Good For You

Organic Pizza DC - Pizzolis PatioPizza these days gets a bad rap. It’s most often known for being greasy, full of fat, carbs, and overall just generally unhealthy. Which, for the most part, is true. Pizza has been equated with cheap, dirty, and easy for a while now, and can easily turn the nose of health-conscious people.

For us at Pizzoli’s, though, we think that is reprehensible. We pride ourselves on the quality of our classic New York Style pies.

In the past few years, pizza has seen a bit of a renaissance. It’s become the new chic food, with artisan pizza restaurants popping up here and there, and pizzas/flatbreads becoming a staple on the menu of modern bistros and sit down restaurants. But when it comes to having organic pizza, it’s hard to find something that isn’t heavy, loaded with saturated fat and red meats, all loaded on top of a greasy crust.

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Whole Grain Crust, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Quality Toppings

Pizzoli’s specializes as your neighborhood organic pizza shop in the classic New York Style. But our pizzas aren’t greasy, they’re not made with the cheapest ingredients possible. We focus on quality. Our ingredients are top notch, with handmade dough from scratch, from only whole grain, olive oil from Italy, and sea salt. Our toppings are the best cheese and meat money can buy. It’s the best organic pizza you can find.

We don’t just focus on our pizza being organic though. Pizzoli’s is about keeping it classic and authentic, taking pizza back to its original, Italian roots. When you think of New York Style pizza, you should be picturing Pizzoli’s. The best ingredients crafted together into timeless, authentic pies that you know you’ll love.

Organic pizza has never been easier, and it’s never been healthier. Take a look at our menu while you’re here, and you’ll see that we have a wide selection of real, authentic pizza choices, along with a great selection of other items. And you can rest easy knowing that what you order will be crafted with care and with the best ingredients around. No matter your reason for ordering, let our pies be the center of attention!