Pizzolis Pizzeria -Voted Best Pizza Delivery In Washington DC

Welcome to Pizzoli’s Pizzeria- Best Pizza Delivery in Washington DC

Pizzoli’s is your neighborhood pizzeria serving Washington, DC. Our goal is to serve the freshest natural ingredients and tastiest food.

All of our pizzas, strombolis, flat breads  are made with organic flour.Our dough is made fresh daily on site with 100% organic wheat flour mixed with spring water and extra virgin olive oil. 

Our pizza sauce is made with organic sweet tomatoes with real italian herbs and Sea salt topped with top quality fresh ingredients and the best cheese money can buy. Pizzolis Pizzeria is providing best pizza delivery in Washington DC.

Best Pizza Delivery in Washington DC :

We realize so many pizza lovers in Washington Dc, that’s why we kept an eye on our quality and we proudly says that Pizzolis Pizzeria is providing best pizza delivery in Washington DC. You just taste it one time and we surely knows that you will come again and again on our store. Quality is our major ingredients. You can come with your family or your friends and whenever you will come our taste remains same and i hope you can enjoy everytime when you will visit our store. Whenever you will join our E-club, you will win a free pizza. I hope you will never disappoint from our services, as we earlier says that we just want to maintain our quality and our status. If you ever want best pizza and fast food just conact us because we are providing best pizza delivery in Washington DC and best pizzeria in Washington DC. We care about your trust and we believe in long time relations. Thank you so much.

Oven Fresh Pizza

All Natural – Vegan – Organic – Gluten Free