DC’s Pizzoli’s Has Organic Pizza in a New York Style

Here at Pizzoli’s all of our Pizzas are cooked in the New York Style. But what does that mean?

First, some quick background. Pizza has been around in some form or another for up to 2,000 years. Immigrants from Naples brought this poor man’s bread, tomato, herb and cheese meal to New York. Italians used wood-burning stoves back home, but had to switch their fuel source from wood to coal out of necessity:

Neapolitan-American (or coal-fired) style

The very first American pizza was made in New York by immigrants from Naples, but instead of wood-burning ovens common in Italy, they embraced the popular Big Apple fuel source of the time, coal. All United States pizza can be traced to coal ovens, and specifically those at Gennaro Lombardi’s grocery store in 1905.

-Larry Olmsted


To get to the current New York Style, chefs started switching out fresh mozzarella for shredded, processed cheese that melted well in the lower temperatures  you get with gas stoves. Using gas increased temperature control and consistency, too. Pizzas could be cooked faster or slower, as the chef preferred, so crust variety could come into play as well.

The innovation of the gas stove gave the country a yummy convenience food that could be sold by the slice – the New York Style pizza. Bigger, with meltier cheese. Nom nom nom!

Larger slices eat like a meal, and their portability increases if you fold one in half à la New Yorkers:

A true New York-style pizza ideally has a crust that’s at once crisp and chewy. Can be topped with whatever you want but is best with only one or two toppings applied (so crust remains crisp). New Yorkers generally fold it while eating.

Adam Kuban from Serious Eats

No longer do you have to get everyone on board for a pizza office lunch and haggle over the best local pizza place, because these large slices make great street food to grab and go. The introduction of New York Pizza style of pizza made the pies a true convenience food, a hand-held affair that allows you to ditch the delivery box and avoid hungry looks at the office.

Pictured slice of Fresh Pizza. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

We are just 4 minutes from the center of Washington, D.C.


Published on Aug 11, 2017

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Saves our lives, foods great, pizza slices are huge. Great place for a comfort food! Most massive slices I’ve ever seen!!! Loveeee, reminds me of New York

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