Pizza Delivery Choosing Your Toppings!

D.C. Pizza Delivery – Always Made with Fresh Organic Ingredients

A view of a table in a pizzeria with the pizzoli's logo in the back groundOne of the greatest things about pizza is the scope of flavors you have to choose from. Since its birth in the great country of Italy, pizza has become such a popular food item because of the nearly limitless options to choose from. Almost any picky eater will say that they like pizza. Why? Because they can get it exactly how they like it! No matter how picky!

Pizzoli’s specializes in New York style, authentic, down to earth pizza pies. And we use only the best ingredients, never cutting corners for any of our toppings. And while you won’t find any outlandish toppings or fad pizzas on our menu, we’ve got a huge selection of fresh, delicious, organic ingredients for virtually any type of eater.

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D. C. Pizza Delivery Anyway You Want It – Which Toppings Will you Choose?

Perhaps you like a lot of meat on your pizza. We have ham, steak, shrimp, meatballs, chicken, bacon, and of course all the usual standards like pepperoni, sausage, etc. If you want them all on your pizza, get them all! You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be eating the finest quality meats. For that meat lovers pizza delivery give Pizzoli’s a call, and check out the menu!

Or maybe you’re more into vegetables. We love veggies at Pizzoli’s. In fact, pizza originally had more veggies and tomatoes than anything else. To list a few of our veggie toppings, we have spinach, roasted eggplant, artichoke hearts, peppers, different kinds of mushrooms, Kalamata olives (one of the A bowl of Kalamata Olivehealthiest foods you can eat), and many more.

We have several different choices of sauces and cheeses as well, our sauces hand-made and our cheeses the best that money can buy. Healthy, fresh, and wholesome is what we do at Pizzoli’s, and for pizza delivery near me, we provide several tasty options for gluten-free crusts (house-made) and dairy-free cheeses.

Truly, then, at Pizzoli’s we have an authentic, quality pizza pie for almost every taste bud out there! And of course, all these delicious toppings are available for pizza delivery.

Check out Pizzoli’s menu for a full list of all pizzas and toppings. When it’s time for pizza delivery, give Pizzoli’s a call! You can enjoy our pizza guilt-free, knowing it’s wholesome, fresh, healthy, and authentic! And, of course, no matter the occasion, let our delicious pies be the center of attention!