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Neighborhood Pizza Delivery Shop - Smiling Pizza ChefPizzoli’s is your neighborhood pizza delivery shop and we’re a slice above the rest. We specialize in taking New York style pizza back to its roots, keeping it authentic, wholesome, and absolutely delicious. Pizzoli’s has had the same owners for 20 years, no bigwigs, no corporations. A simple, mom and pop shop in the center of a friendly, buzzing neighborhood. And we like it that way. You should too. It means you get quality, authenticity, and neighborhood pizza delivery that’s a slice above the rest.

When you think about an authentic, no-frills pizzeria that serves genuinely delicious pizza, everyone remembers the little shop in the neighborhood they grew up in. The one that you always went to because it was the best, and it reminded you of the place you grew up, it reminded you of home. Even if it was a hole in the wall, even if it wasn’t the best tasting. But you knew it was authentic, and you loved it.

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Pizzoli’s is just that pizzeria, but even better, with delicious pizza that you can count on always delivering, not just to your door, but on taste, quality, value, and authenticity. What makes Pizzoli’s so much better?

Handmade, Mom and Pop Style Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery Online - Slice of Pizza Being Pulled out with a SpatulaIt’s our ingredients, carefully chosen as the best you can buy, as the freshest, as organic. It’s our passion for creating a New York style pizza that you can count on being top notch, whether by the slice or for the whole pie. It’s our range of delivery, our late-night hours, our gluten-free and vegetarian options. These things all add up to a neighborhood pizza shop that truly outshines the rest.

Plus, it’s not just pizza delivery at Pizzoli’s. We’ve got many other items on our menu besides pizza! Things like Stromboli, pasta, wings, salads, burgers and sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, the lot. Check out our full menu.

Neighborhood pizza delivery with Pizzoli’s is guaranteed to satisfy that craving for authentic, mom and pop style pizza. So no matter the occasion, let our pies be the center of attention!